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Hikari Kagura and Karen Aijo

Revue Starlight Re LIVE

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Anime “Revue Starlight“

Anime Keyvisual

A "Star" is the shining light standing in "Position Zero" in the center of the stage. It is a blossoming flower that moves hearts with song and souls with dance.

Seisho Music Academy is where "Stage Girls" who aim to be such a star learn about performance.

Karen Aijo. Maya Tendo. Junna Hoshimi. Mahiru Tsuyuzaki. Nana Daiba. Claudine Saijo. Futaba Isurugi. Kaoruko Hanayagi. Hikari Kagura. Without warning, a mysterious message is sent to these nine Stage Girls.

An invitation to an audition to take the spot of "Top Star". The friends who stand on the same stage become rivals as they seek to take stardom.

Raw passion, pride, and persistance clash on the stage. Relationships, feelings, and roles are reborn every time the curtain rises. The nine Stage Girls battle in a "Revue" with brilliance as the reward. The curtain rises on the stage of fate.

Anime Stream Available Now!Anime Stream Available Now!

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