Game - Tips - 01Game - Tips - 01

Upgrade Memoirs

Some Memoirs have special skills like Barrier or Fortitude. Consume Memoirs to upgrade other Memoirs and increase their HP and other Stats. Using Upgrade Memoirs, which are made specially to be consumed, grants more Experience than other Memoirs of the same rarity, so use them when you can!

Bound Break Memoirs

You can use duplicates of a Memoir to Bound Break! This raises its maximum level. By Bound Breaking to the the maximum, the skill effect will also improve!

Game - Tips - 02Game - Tips - 02

Complete Assignments

Completing Assignments will grant you Star Gems, Coins, and other items. If you're not sure what else to do, try attempting an Assignment!

Gather Coins & Tickets

Events can be challenged twice per day. Make good use of this limit as events yield more Coins and Lesson Tickets than normal Revues.

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My Theater Tips

Up to five preset rooms can be saved. Switch between your favorite rooms to match your mood. The "Store All" button can also be used put all your Theater Items away.

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Skipping Revues

Once you complete all the Stage Assignments in a Stage, you will be able to skip the Revue and clear that Stage instantly. Use this to gather items and Pieces efficiently!

Revue Song

The selected Revue Song will play during Climax Revues. Revue Songs each have an effect that activates during a Climax Revue. Pick a song to bolster your Unit, or simply pick a song you like to put on your own unique Revue! If you have extra Revue Songs you don't need you can sell them for Coins.

Game - Tips - 05Game - Tips - 05

Make Good Use of the Shop

You can purchase various items at the shop by using Coins or Medals. The goods in the Shop will update every 6 hours! Star Gems can be used to instantly refresh the store's goods.

Memoir Medal

Sell Memoirs you don't need to get Memoir Medals, which can be used to purchase Gifts and Gacha Tickets!

Vs. Revue Medals

Medals can be obtained from Chests which are dropped when you win a battle in Vs. Revue. There are three types of Medals: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each of these can be used to exchange for different rewards.

Creation Jewel

If you obtain a duplicate of a Stage Girl she will be converted into Creation Jewels. These can be used to purchase Potential Crystals. The amount needed to purchase Potential Crystals changes with the number of Potential Crystals you have already purchased.


This is a special store that has a chance of appearing after you clear a Revue, and carries some rare items. This store will close after a certain amount of time has passed.