Game - Revues - 01Game - Revues - 01

Game - Revues - 01

Select Acts until the point total reaches six. Attacks that have a high cost are powerful but slow. Strategize against your opponent and choose carefully!

Game - Revues - 02Game - Revues - 02

Game - Revues - 02

Use skills and attacks to build up the Brilliance Gauge, enter into a Climax Revue, and perform a Revue Song. You can perform powerful Climax Acts when in a Climax Revue. If two or more Stage Girls use a Climax Act, they can perform an additional Finishing Act! Think carefully about when to activate!

Game - Revues - 03Game - Revues - 03

Game - Revues - 03

Some Stage Girl have Acts that inflict effects such as reducing the enemy's attack power or damaging an enemy over time. Keep an eye on your girls' status!

Game - Revues - 04Game - Revues - 04

Game - Revues - 04

Stage Girls and the Korosu each have one of the following Elements: Flower, Wind, Snow, Moon, Space, Cloud, and Dream. These Elements can help or hinder you depending on the opponent. Keep them in mind when choosing your lineup for a Revue!

Game - Revues - 05Game - Revues - 05

Game - Revues - 05

Normal Defense and Special Defense affect how much damage is taken from different Act Types. Try attacking an enemy with high Normal Defense with a Special type. Considering Act types as well as Elements is your key to victory!