Game - Main Story - 01Game - Main Story - 01

Game - Main Story - 01

Revue Starlight Re LIVE tells the story of 24 Stage Girls. Featuring a fully voiced original story, you'll unravel the mysteries of why the play "Starlight" is disappearing from memory, and the "Revues", which pit Stage Girls of different schools against one another. Completing stages will unlock new chapters of the story.

Game - Main Story - 02Game - Main Story - 02

Game - Main Story - 02

In the School Stories, you can see the story for each individual school. These unlock as you progress in the Main Story, and shed light on the girls' relationships and reasons for performing in the auditions.

Game - Main Story - 03Game - Main Story - 03

Game - Main Story - 03

Present Gifts to a Stage Girl to increase her Bond Level and unlock Bond Stories. Bond Stories will depict a special story that focuses on that Stage Girl.

Game - Main Story - 04Game - Main Story - 04

Game - Main Story - 04

Theater Stories randomly appear in My Theater. These stories will show different aspects of the girls in their daily lives. You may even uncover some unexpected character quirks!