Game - Vs. Revue - 01Game - Vs. Revue - 01

Game - Vs. Revue - 01

Battle against rivals around the world! Compete in a four tier ranking system and get Vs. Revue Coins which can be used at the in-game shop for great rewards! After each victory you will also obtain Chests that may contain Vs. Revue Coins and Star Gems.

Game - Vs. Revue - 02Game - Vs. Revue - 02

Game - Vs. Revue - 02

Battle against NPCs and obtain rewards based on how many you can take down. When Star Performance starts a new season, your victory count will be reset, but so will rewards!

Game - Vs. Revue - 03Game - Vs. Revue - 03

Game - Vs. Revue - 03

This is a special practice mode in which you can test strategies! It won't affect your ranking, so no need to worry about losing here!