Seisho Music AcademySeisho Music Academy

An academy made with the purpose of fostering those with talent for performance. Has a proud history of 100
years. The school is divided into the Actor Training Department, in which students learn to be stage actresses,
and the Stage Production Department, in which students learn how to work behind the scenes.

  • Seisho Music Academy Karen Aijo
  • Seisho Music Academy Hikari Kagura
  • Seisho Music Academy Mahiru Tsuyuzaki
  • Seisho Music Academy Claudine Saijo
  • Seisho Music Academy Maya Tendo
  • Seisho Music Academy Junna Hoshimi
  • Seisho Music Academy Nana Daiba
  • Seisho Music Academy Futaba Isurugi
  • Seisho Music Academy Kaoruko Hanayagi

Rinmeikan Girls SchoolRinmeikan Girls School

A school with the goal of instilling its students with "Yamato Nadeshiko" ideals. Tea ceremony,
flower arrangement, calligraphy, and Japanese dance classes have made the school known for its emphasis on traditional
Japanese culture. With decreasing student numbers, the school's courses are undergoing reorganization.

  • Rinmeikan Girls School Tamao Tomoe
  • Rinmeikan Girls School Ichie Otonashi
  • Rinmeikan Girls School Fumi Yumeoji
  • Rinmeikan Girls School Rui Akikaze
  • Rinmeikan Girls School Yuyuko Tanaka

 Frontier School of Arts Frontier School of Arts

A newly founded school with the intention of fostering students with artistic talent. It has a culture of freedom,
and its new types of classes, gym, and barbecue areas have attracted a growing number of applicants. However,
the school and its students are sometimes seen as crude or boorish to those with more traditional views.

  • Frontier School of Arts Aruru Otsuki
  • Frontier School of Arts Misora Kano
  • Frontier School of Arts Lalafin Nonomiya
  • Frontier School of Arts Tsukasa Ebisu
  • Frontier School of Arts Shizuha Kocho

Siegfeld Institute of MusicSiegfeld Institute of Music

A music institution founded to educate students who have the potential to perform around the world.
The school is seen as elite thanks to its impressive facilities and diverse staff.
There is a tradition that the most talented students are given the title of "Edel" (noble) and receive special privileges.

  • Siegfeld Institute of Music Akira Yukishiro
  • Siegfeld Institute of Music Michiru Otori
  • Siegfeld Institute of Music Liu Mei fan
  • Siegfeld Institute of Music Shiori Yumeoji
  • Siegfeld Institute of Music Yachiyo Tsuruhime

Inviter to the AuditionsInviter to the Auditions

  • Elle